The top 10 musics that make you want to travel far!

Because music is often an integral part of the journey, here is a short playlist that will take you far, very far, while staying there… or not!

To the Top 1 music to decide! Should I Stay or Should I Go – The Clash

In second place, to dream of adventure… Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder

The third piece to visualize yourself at the top! Porcelain – Moby

It’s time to take the Hurricane Road – Bob Dylan

And where are we going to sleep tonight? This is The Life – Amy McDonald

Sixth step freedom!! Yes!!!! I’m Like a Bird – Nelly Furtado

For the nostalgic No Surprises – Radiohead

And for those who want to hear what they understand! Wind Daughter – Keny Arkana

And finally for those who go to meet their lovers at the end of the world Lucky – Jason Mraz

And what are the sounds that make you want to go far away? And where? Où je vais? – La rue Ketanou